Would you like to own one of Britain’s very first coins?  Celtic Coins (also known as Ancient British or Iron Age coins) were the first coins to be minted in the UK. 2,000 years ago the Atrebates, Cantii/Cantiaci, Catuvellauni, Corieltauvi/Corieltavi, Dobunni, Durotriges, Iceni, Regini/Regni and Trinovantes tribes minted staters, quarter staters, units, minims, and potins in gold, silver, and bronze. Their abstract designs were initially based on Gallo Belgic prototypes, but some tribes were later inspired by Roman coins.

These rare antique coins are available to purchase today. All are carefully attributed using the most recent research, and all are guaranteed to be genuine. You are welcome to contact me if you have questions about these, or if you need help identifying a Celtic coin.