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If I have any coins for sale at the moment there will be a “Coins” category below. If not, then one of my other products might offer a cheaper distraction until I have some more 🙂

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  • Funny Mugs

    Funny Mugs

    The mugs in here are so funny that they might make you spill your coffee, so be warned!

    Ok, maybe not that funny.  They might raise a chortle, or at least an eyebrow.  I tried my best. The one with the Cotswold Cock is a high point. Guess what that joke’s about 🙂

  • Informative Mugs

    Informative Mugs

    There’s no childish humour here. These mugs are for those who like their coins straight and/or want to supply their own jokes

  • Pretty Mugs

    Pretty Mugs

    If you don’t care for humour or facts and just want to see pretty pictures of Celtic coins, then this is the section for you.