Corieltauvi South Ferriby Boar


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Extremely Rare subtype.  Pleasingly centred on a large flan of toned silver with bright highlights.

Item Reference: 2023-02


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Corieltauvi South Ferriby Boar. c. 50-20 BC. Silver Unit. 18.83mm. 1.06g. Rich-, ABC-, VA-, BMC-, S-.

This coin is from an Extremely Rare subtype of ABC 1800. There are only five other coins matching this design recorded in the CCI. Three of these are broken with missing fragments, and one is on a very small flan, making this one of only two full flan examples.

The design is similar to Rich Type 22b but the boar’s tail is attached, there’s only a single pellet in the pellet ring above the boar, and there are only two pellet rings around the horse. Matthew Rich says (for Type 22b) that the double pellets in the ring above the horse  are “seldom completely visible” (Boar Horse, p.55).

Well struck on a large flan of toned silver with bright highlights. Pleasingly centred on both sides. CCI 07.2508 (this coin). Ex Alan Harrison collection. Found Kirmington, north Lincolnshire in 1982.

!!REPAIRED!! The coin has split in two and has been repaired.


TypeCorieltauvi South Ferriby Boar
DenominationSilver Unit
RarityExtremely Rare subtype of Common Type


Date50-20 BC
RegionNorth Eastern