Iceni Ecen Stepping Horse Silver Unit


Item Reference: DR14


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Iceni Ecen Stepping Horse Silver Unit. c. 10 – 43 AD. 0.88 g 14.2 mm

Very Common. Talbot reverse die 7

A very pleasing reverse struck on a slightly bent flan.  Obverse struck from an obliterated die.

ABC 1660: Ecen Stepping Horse; Made for Trade: ECE A Unit; Coins of the Iceni 80e: Ece Stepping Horse


TypeEcen Stepping Horse
DenominationSilver Unit
RarityVery Common
Weight0.88 g
ReferencesABC 1660

Coins of the Iceni 80e

Made for Trade Ece Stepping Horse

Date10 -43 AD
Diameter14.2 mm
RegionEast Anglian