Corieltauvi “Volisios Dumnocoveros” gold stater


Struck on a large dished flan of rose gold with full reverse inscription

Item Reference: DR21


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Corieltauvi “Volisios Dumnocoveros” gold stater.  5.37g, 20.3mm. c. 35-40 AD. ABC 1980. Listed as Scarce in ABC. CCI Dies 2/6.

Obverse: VO[LI] SI[OS] across two lines with a brick-like wreath running vertically.  A ringed three-armed spiral in the lower left quadrant.  Struck from a worn die.

Reverse: Lunate horse facing left with a pellet triad below the head. DVM NOCO VEROS around.  DMV is above the above horse, NOCO is below, and VEROS in front. The V and the E are cojoined, and the R is lower case. The OS sits between horse’s nose and ears. The full inscription is present on the reverse.

This coin is thought to name two separate rulers, Volisios and Dumnocoveros. Volisios appears on coins with two other names (Dumnovellaunus and Cartivellaunos) so is thought to be the dominant ruler, or the father of the others.  Volisios coins are attributed to the Corieltauvi but Chris Rudd assigned them back to the Brigantes after the discovery of what appears to be an Iron Age mint at Scotch Corner in North Yorkshire. See David W. Fell et al, Contact, Concord and Conquest: Britons and Romans at Scotch Corner, 2020 p. 686 for a discussion.


TribeCorialtauvi but thought by some to be Brigantes
TypeVolisios Dumnocoveros
ReferencesABC 1980
Date35-40 AD
RegionNorth Eastern