Gallo-Belgic Aa2 Quarter Stater


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One of the first gold coinages to circulate in Britain

Item Reference: 2023-06


Click here to see a video of this coin. Ambiani “Broad Flan” gold quarter stater. 1.58g, 13.5mm.  ABC 28, Gaulish and Early British Gold Coinage 282. c. 200 BC to c. 125 BC

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Gallo-Belgic Aa is a second generation coin and was one of the first deliberate abstractions of the Philippus, also drawing influences from the coins of Tarentum.  They were partly minted for export to Britain to pay for mercenaries to help in the ongoing wars against the Germanic tribes. The coins continued to circulate in Britain long after they had been replaced in Gaul. In fact, they were still circulating 75-100 years after they came to Britain, and as a result are often found in poor condition, either being badly worn or having been clipped or “sweated” (abraded to release gold dust) to bring the weight down to match the later coins imported from Gaul. This is a British find.


TypeGallo-Belgic Aa2 class 5
DenominationQuarter Stater
ReferencesABC 28

Gaulish and Early British Gold Coinage 282

Datec. 200 BC to c. 125 BC
RegionBelgic Gaul