“This Way Up” Coffee Mug


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The image on the obverse of the Durotrigan quarter staters has lead to countless hours of fun debate. If you orient the coin one way it looks like a boat with passengers.  Turn it around and it looks like [1]:

  1. A weird boar with weird legs in the wrong places, eyes in the side of its body, and spikes coming from its nose
  2. An unidentified three legged animal with a spiky nose and eyes in the side of its body
  3. A weird one-legged wolf (with eyes in the side of its body) with twins. It’s not clear if the end with three spikes is meant to represent three noses or three tails
  4. A human head facing right with an unidentified object hanging from its nose. Oh, and with both eyes on the same side
  5. A horse head with the sun rising behind it. It’s not clear if it’s meant to have three necks
  6. A rayed side-eyed dolphin on stilts

But which could it be?  That relies on knowing which way is up, and – who’d have thought it – this is your lucky day! This mug has been designed to guide you through this particularly tricky problem.  To use it, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee and hold the mug in the orientation that you think is correct. If you suddenly feel like you’ve wet yourself, then you might want to reconsider your decision.

If you want to know where the image came from, we happen to have a mug that shows the derivation.

  1. Well, “looks like” to some people.  Your mileage may vary.  These are all real [2], published, suggestions by the way. Even the dolphin one, although I suspect the writer of that was poking gentle fun at some of the other suggestions.
  2. Disclaimer – I may have embellished them a teensy bit


  • An ideal present for the coin collector in your life who is just too difficult to buy for, or for yourself when you can't afford a new coin.
  • 325 ml (11oz) ceramic mug
  • Handwash only because dishwashers will destroy anything given enough time
  • It takes our suppliers 3 to 5 working days to produce these mugs, so don't wait too long if you need one soon


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