“It’s a Smart Person’s Hobby” Coffee Mug


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It’s a smart person’s hobby

Belgae “Cheriton Smiler” stater c. 60-20 BC. ABC 755, DK 314 – 315, VA 1215, S 24

Greek coins are for art lovers and Roman coins for history buffs, but Celtic coins are for smart people.  We know almost nothing about the coins for sure. We don’t know what they were called, we don’t know who minted them (1), we don’t know when they were minted, and we don’t know what they were used for. However, we do know what’s on them (2).  This coin clearly shows the head of Apollo on the obverse and a horse drawn bigga with a charioteer on the reverse.  I know that’s obvious to you, but you’re a smart person and now you can show off your superiority over a nice cup of coffee.

  1. We “know” this coin was minted by the Belgae tribe in Britain, except that the Belgae weren’t a tribe, we don’t really know if the people in that area at that time were just the Atrebates (or the pre-Atrebates), and with an indigenous Westerham style horse instead of a Belgic style horse, it’s unlikely the people who minted this were of Belgic descent. That fact that it is derived from British B which sprang out of nowhere and was followed by nothing suggests that the only thing we can be sure about is that it wasn’t minted by the Belgae
  2. Exceptions apply


  • An ideal present for the coin collector in your life who is just too difficult to buy for, or for yourself when you can't afford a new coin.
  • 325 ml (11oz) ceramic mug
  • Handwash only because dishwashers will destroy anything given enough time
  • It takes our suppliers 3 to 5 working days to produce these mugs, so don't wait too long if you need one soon


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