“The only thing rarer than this coin is someone who wants to buy it” Coffee Mug


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The only thing rarer than this coin is someone who wants to buy it

Regini “Phallic Geometric” c. 70-55 BC. ABC 533, DK 135 – 137, VA -, S -.

An aside – dear god but that name is unfortunate.  Most coins of this type were struck from a worn “boat” obverse die (1) that, in a certain light at a certain angle with a certain mind, looked a bit like a phallus (2).  This coin is one of two that have a new obverse that actually shows the boat (4), so not only is it rare, but it also has an interesting (5) story that you’ll be able to tell people about when they ask you what’s on your mug 🙂

(1) See this mug for an example of that coin, and where it sits in the sequence

(2) <sigh> What is it with people and willies (3)?

(3) Talking of which, check out this mug for some childish willy humour

(4) See this mug for a discussion on it being a boat

(5) Ok, I may be stretching the meaning of “interesting” a bit far here

Item Reference: MUG-FUNNY-RARITY


  • An ideal present for the coin collector in your life who is just too difficult to buy for, or for yourself when you can't afford a new coin.
  • 325 ml (11oz) ceramic mug
  • Handwash only because dishwashers will destroy anything given enough time
  • It takes our suppliers 3 to 5 working days to produce these mugs, so don't wait too long if you need one soon


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