“ABC 515 – Insular Cf” Coffee Mug


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“Insular Cf” Stater. Minted by the Regini tribe c. 80-50 BC

ABC 515, DK 129, S 20A.

Insular Cf is the earliest identifiable British gold coinage. It was derived from, and was contemporary with, the later GB-Ca classes. It is split into two classes, with the first starting as a close copy of GB-Ca1, and the second being a much cruder copy. It is likely that the dies for the first class were cut by an experienced continental engraver who had worked on GB-Ca1, and the dies for the cruder second class were cut by a newly trained British engraver.  This coin is one of the class 1 coins.

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Item Reference: MUG-INFO-ABC-515


Obverse DescriptionThe obverse features a standard Celtic abstract rendition of Apollo’s head. The defining feature on Insular Cf1 is the “axe head” used for the cloak fastener.
Reverse DescriptionThe reverse shows a sinuous articulated horse which was standard for this time period. The defining feature on Insular Cf1 is the ring of pellets around the coffee bean behind the horse. This is mostly off-flan on this coin, but the very edge can be seen.
  • An ideal present for the coin collector in your life who is just too difficult to buy for, or for yourself when you can't afford a new coin.
  • 325 ml (11oz) ceramic mug
  • Handwash only because dishwashers will destroy anything given enough time
  • It takes our suppliers 3 to 5 working days to produce these mugs, so don't wait too long if you need one soon


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